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Coprel was set up in Milan in 1979.

It is one of the major players in the production of electric motors, cross flow and axial fans, centrifugal blowers and stirrers for different applications.

Coprel has several competitive advantages:

bullet The company recently upgraded its equipment and machineries and can operate today with state-of-the art technology. It uses automatic assembly systems for components assembling and stringent controls during the various processing steps thus ensuring high quality products. Production is carried out through 2 assembly-lines; one is dedicated to products that are manufactured on a large scale, while the second meets low-volume production runs. The daily production capacity is of 2,500 pieces per unit of product.
bullet Thanks to the experience and technical support of its technical and commercial staff the company can offer complete solutions that meet all customers' needs, through both standard and customized products. Owing to this, Coprel numbers among its customers some of the leading companies in the world.
bullet The company provides an accurate pre and post-sale service, that pays attention to customers’ current and future needs and that makes Coprel an ideal partner to work with, especially when it comes to jointly studying the various technical solutions available in order to get the most of the chosen product.

In an era of global competition, Coprel responds with effective solutions and aims at ensuring products and customer services that are truly complete in all respects.

We are aware that only through attention and common purpose with our clients can we achieve great successes, and that, only through the company's commitment to rigorous standards, can we offer the quality that customers expect.

This is our mission and you can be assured we will pursue this commitment, day by day, until all the goals we have planned will be attained.

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